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There are businesses that don't chase clients...

Clients chase them.

There are restaurants that people line up for. There are products that you must pre order months in advance. There are tickets that sell out on the day they are released. There are stocks that go roaring up in value right after they float. There are cars that were bought before they were built, properties that sell off the plan when they are nothing more than a set of drawings. There are consultants who are booked six months in advance and hair stylists who charge ten times more than others. There’s furniture you can’t buy, only pre-order and bottles of wine that are purchased while their grapes are still hanging on the vine.

In a world of endless choices, why does this happen? Why do people line up, pay more, and book in advance when other options are easily available? Why are these people and products in such high demand?

It happens as a result of powerful campaigning.

Apple runs powerful campaigns, so does Tesla Motors, Nike, Disney, Amazon and Google.

It’s not just big brands that do this.

Local restaurants, retail stores, consultants, professionals and service businesses can all ramp up their revenue through successful campaigns and promotions.

There are six phases for building a successful campaign.


You must know your "capacity" and who it’s for - that is, know the point where you’ll actually be oversubscribed and who will see the most value in that capacity.


The build up includes signalling, which is about telling people what’s going to happen before it happens. It’s about explaining your process and your terms in advance so that the market can prepare itself. Remember, don’t ask for the sale, ask for the signal.


You become oversubscribed when more people want your product than you can deliver it to. In short, when you have more buyers than sellers. The purpose of being oversubscribed is so you can be selective as to who you will work with or sell your product to.

Remarkable Delivery

After delivering your service, a follow-up is needed to make sure your client has received a remarkable experience. People talk. Today a dissatisfied customer will tell a thousand friends on Facebook, several hundred twitter followers and their negative review of your business could haunt you for years.

Celebrate and Innovate

Tell your stories, share the numbers, issue reports, capture the magic moments and spread the word about your campaign’s achievements. Learn the lessons, make changes and refine the process before repeating it.

Answer 40 quick "yes or no" questions and receive a customised report showing how you can improve in the six key areas.

"Your business will go to the next level when you run powerful promotions and campaigns. This scorecard was designed to identify the weaknesses and bottlenecks in your campaign marketing and sales systems".

Daniel Priestley, Author and Entrepreneur

"I am a huge fan of this system. Every question gets you thinking and the end result is an actionable report that highlights existing strengths and weaknesses."

Wayne Doran, Humanforce

"This scorecard gives you visibility around the campaigns your running along with the tools needed to get yourself oversubscribed without chasing clients."

Gabriela Rosa, Natural Fertility Breakthrough

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